Welcome to Pediatric Orthopedics at Stone Oaks (POSO)

The goal at POSO is to have parents feel 100% confident in their choice of doctor for their child. We do this from the first contact on the phone to the moment you are walking out of our clinic. Our surgeons, medical assistants, cast and x-ray technicians and office staff are committed to making your experience at our office the best it can be.

Kids Are Different

Children have unique orthopedic needs and concerns because they are still growing and developing. Their body's response to injuries, infections, and disease may be quite different than what you would expect in an adult. In many cases, very young patients do not have the words to describe their condition. They do not understand why they hurt or why their parents are worried. These young patients may often be afraid and emotional during the physical exam and testing process.

The focus at POSO is on children and treatment of their growing bones, joints, and muscles. We know how to examine and treat children in a way that makes the patient relaxed and cooperative. We have created an environment that is comfortable and safe for your child.

We treat a wide range of conditions ranging from broken bones to more serious conditions that threaten quality of life including:


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